What’s included in the Mastermind Academy


    Learn proven strategies and techniques from 7-figure mentors. Each month members will benefit from live calls, Q&A and consultations from experts and thought leaders in Personal Development and Financial Education.


    Grow and protect your wealth through results-driven education. Learn at your own pace and through multiple formats, including: online courses, webinars, eBooks and instructional and training video archives.


    Learn LIVE from 7-Figure Mentors How to Create & Grow Wealth. You will learn how to: Create Consistent Monthly Passive Income, ​Get Solid, Double-Digit Returns, Significantly Lower Your Taxes, and ​Develop a 7-Figure Mindset.

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About Us

The Mastermind Academy is Your #1 Source of Personal Development, Financial Education, and Entrepreneurship.

Academy Mastermind Mentors include some of the World’s Best Speakers, Authors, Investors, Experts and 7-Figure Mindset Thought Leaders.

Core Curriculum Courses

Asset Protection

So You Get to Keep Everything You've Worked For

Spend a lifetime accumulating and three days to protect! One in five people will be sued in their lifetime. Don't become a victim of the lawsuit epidemic! Use LLCs, Corporations, & Trusts to properly protect your estate. We'll show you how!

Tax Reduction

You Should Never Pay More Than You Have To

Saving thousands in taxes directly increases your wealth. The average Entrepreneur saves over $20,000 in tax deductions when done correctly. Learn how to lower your tax bill by 35% and shield some investments altogether.

Estate Planning

Setting Up Your Estate & Business Plan

Avoid probate and create a bullet-proof legacy plan for your family. Have a Will? That alone won't protect you from probate. Learn the legal tools that will eliminate probate and make sure your legacy is passed on.

Real Estate Investing

Learn the Market's Hottest Trends from the Experts

Learn the strategies to create active and passive income from experts who have done hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate. AirBnb, Passive income properties, flips, wholesale, mobile homes, residential assisted living, and more!

Stock Market Investing

Create Monthly Cash Flow by Investing in the Markets

Learn proven strategies to navigate all market conditions in Options, Futures, Stocks, Foreign & Digital Currency and more!

Creating a Business Blueprint

Learn to Structure Your Business Properly

Successful businesses start with the right structure. Capitalize on all the best benefits for business owners and entrepreneurs.

World Class Mentorships

Entrepreneur, Personal Development Mentor

George Wright III

George is the Creator and Host of The Daily Mastermind Podcast, a Global podcast for Entrepreneurs. He is also the Founder & CEO of G3 Worldwide. George has built and grown several multi-million dollar companies that have produced hundreds of millions of dollars is sales and revenue worldwide. George has marketed and grown brands for celebrities and best selling authors like Tony Robbins, the Duchess of York, David Bach, Brian Tracy, Steve Young, Robert Kiosaki, T Harv Eker, and many others.

Asset Protection Expert Advisor

Don Pendleton

Don is the CEO of Protect Wealth and an Author and Trainer with hands-on experience helping thousands understand asset protection. Through hundreds of live events and  webinars, Don has taught students  how to correctly structure and maintain their legal business structures for maximum lawsuit protection, income tax reduction, and estate planning benefits. Don is the author hundreds of blog posts and articles on asset protection-related topics.

Advanced Stock Market Investor

Mike Coval

Mike is the CEO and Financial Editor of Incometrader.com. For nearly 25 years Mike has created courses for students worldwide and for some of the largest Financial names in the business like CNBC, Business Week, CMe, Bank of America and Citigroup. As a professional speaker and trader, Mike has taught thousands of students his secrets of success in the stock market. He speaks on trading topics and the advanced use of options. Mike's instruction is designed for traders who wish to generate a livable income.

Financial Strategies

Stacy Acevedo

Stacy Acevedo is a leading markets trainer and investor with decades of experience in the financial industry. Stacy's expertise comes from a broad Wall Street background. She has not only learned the conservative cash flow/growth approach but also taught it to—and for—some of the larger institutional investors including CNBC, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, BusinessWeek and the Eurex. Stacy will use this same approach to help you better manage your money for your future.  

8-Figure Real Estate Investor

Aaron Adams

Aaron is the CEO of Alpine Property Management and Alpine Capital Solutions and a full-time real estate investor. He has purchased thousands of properties in California, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina and Illinois, including: apartment complexes, commercial property, new construction and mobile home parks, with a particular focus on single family homes in middle class neighborhoods. Aaron has a Masters Degree in Business and is a managing partner in a private equity firm and managing partner of several dozen companies.

Nationally Acclaimed Asset Attorney

Clint Coons

Clint is a nationally-recognized asset protection attorney and real estate investor. He is a founding partner of Anderson Law Group. His book, Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors, has brought him national recognition as an expert in protection and tax planning for real estate investors. Clint is noted for his unique ability to take a complicated law or structure and explain it in crystal clear terms.

Master Life Secrets Coach

Robert Stuberg

Robert Stuberg is an  entrepreneur, author, speaker, consultant, and life coach. He has written and recorded numerous books and audio programs including The 12 Life Secrets, Creating Your Ultimate Destiny, and The 12 Wealth Secrets. His most recent book is titled Life Handbook.Robert's primary focus is helping clients discover their life’s purpose using a concept he developed and labeled Unique Talent™.Robert  goal in life is simple: to help you reach more of your infinite potential by helping you to access and share what you do best.

Asset Protection Expert

G.K. Mangelson

G.K. Mangelson is one of the nation’s top asset protection advisers and a nationally recognized speaker, with more than 25 years of experience training people and professionals how to properly structure themselves in each of the 50 states. He is an expert in the areas of tax reduction and lawsuit protection and has authored several publications on the subject. G.K. has been credited with helping thousands of people save millions of dollars. He is one of the nation’s top asset protection advisors and has been helping people keep their hard earned money for years. 

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